Homeowners Insurance in Florida. Here’s how to be prepared.

Homeowners insurance Florida residents love must cover the aftermath of inclement weather. As we all know, Florida is home to harsh and sometimes unpredictable weather. Which is why being covered is so important. Serious weather can strand you in your own home for days without electricity or running water, or force you to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

Make a Plan after securing your FL homeowners coverage

In addition to purchasing a proper policy for your home. You will also need to make a plan to collect Florida homeowners insurance quotes somewhere like this. That way you save the most money. Also prepare a family plan in advance to cover these situations, and run a few drills to be sure that everyone knows where to go and what to do, should the moment come. 

Store enough non-perishable food and water to last a few days in a safe, and easily accessible, area – and don’t forget the can opener!  This area should be an interior room with no windows and only one door, like a closet or pantry.  Someone needs to shut off the power and gas, so assign that task to a family member in your preparedness plan.

Prepare a “go-bag.”  A go-bag contains everything you need to survive for a few days: first aid kit, prescription medications, flashlight, blanket, over-the-counter antibiotics, and a lighter or box of matches.  Store it in a safe place close to an exit, and not with your shelter storage: Your go-bag should be the first thing you grab in an emergency which forces you to leave your home. Know where you are going beforehand, and include this in your plan.  Even if you decide to stay home, circumstances may dictate otherwise

What does my policy not cover?

Most people are unaware that the typical policy does not include flood coverage by default. According to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/, homeowners insurance FL residents must purchase includes not only wind and fire coverage but water and flood coverage as well.  Be sure to check your policy before the hurricane season begins.

When it comes to home insurance Florida citizens know to buy water coverage, but not all of them realize how important wind and fire coverage can be.  A hurricane the size of the one which recently made landfall not only causes water and wind damage to homes and property, but electrical lines, transformers, and power stations.  When these things are damaged, fires can rage uncontrollably, as firefighters have no way of reaching them during the storm. While survivors wait for State and Federal assistance, FL agencies are already providing financial assistance to policyholders.  Although nothing can replace what victims lose in extreme weather, their lives are slowly returning to normal.