Renters insurance quotes Florida residents must have

Are you aware that renters can get coverage as well?  In fact, it is legally mandatory in some areas, or where the landlord requires it. Also known as tenants insurance, Florida renters insurance provides coverage for an array of calamitous situations and circumstances that could befall anyone.

We will take a look at some of them, but not all of this information applies to every contract, and policies have different limits for each coverage.  For these reasons, not all renters insurance quotes Florida leaseholders get from here will be accurate.  Read your policy carefully, and feel free to ask your agent any questions you have.

Most standard renters’ plans cover limited liability, personal property loss and damage (including theft and vandalism), and additional costs related to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.  Few of these policies include damage from floods or earthquakes, but you can ask your agent about extended coverage and additional policies.  You might be eligible for a bundled plan or otherwise receive a discount on additional policies.

When it comes to a renters insurance quote Florida residents need to make sure it includes flood coverage.  Warm air contains more moisture, and Florida is often the center of hurricanes and inclement weather during the Spring and Summer months.  Renters policies cover personal property only to a certain amount; if you have any prized possessions that are vulnerable to such conditions, you should probably have them covered under a separate policy.

Generally speaking, landlord coverage only covers damage done to the rental structure, such as during a storm or fire; it does not cover tenants’ property.  You can also be held responsible for accidents that happen to the rental property.  An accidental kitchen fire or an overflowed toilet could set you back financially if you are not covered.  This is the reason so many landlords require tenants coverage.

Liability is another reason: Should someone be injured in your rental home, the landlord is likely to be held financially responsible if you do not have renters’ coverage.  If you do, your policy provides some protection for you, which translates into more protection for your landlord.  With some policies, this extends to guests’ loss or damage of property, too.

All renters insurance quotes FL residents should collect at, need to include flood and water damage, due to Florida’s wet climate, and landlords can legally require tenants to be insured.  Even where it is not required, renters insurance is highly recommended.